Catskill Mtn Crystal

Handmade Glass Oil Candles since 1973


Chamber Sticks

This is a rendition of the classic Chamber Stick that was carried from room to room. Our Crystal Oil Candle Chamber Stick is available in 3 sizes 7", 9" & 11".

The 7" has an oil chamber about 1-1/4" in diameter that holds 2 ounces of oil and uses the 4" wick w/glass tube

The 9" oil chamber is about 1-3/4 in diameter and holds 4 ounces of oil and uses the 5" wick w/glass tube.

The 11" oil chamber is almost 2" in diameter and holds 6.5 ounces of oil and uses the 6" wick w/glass tube.

They are all available in clear Platinum and gold drips.

Each Chamber stick comes with a wick, a funnel for filling, instructions, and its own box 



No Handles

The No handle series was an after thought. One day someone said why don't you make them with out handles and hence the No Handles. Over the years they have proven to be a great seller. and enjoyed by many people. They  come in 3 sizes 7", 9", 11" and come in 3 colors, Clear, Gold & Platinum.

They have the same specs. as the Chamber Sticks



2-ball & 3- Ball Stem Crystal Oil Candles


Our Stem Candles add elegance to any table setting. When filled with clear oil they have a look of solid glass. We make four sizes:  10, 13", 15", and 17" tall and you can choose from clear , gold or platinum drips. Each candle is one piece and comes in it's own box along with wick, funnel & instructions.


Candle Inserts

The Crystal Oi;l Candle inserts are designed to fit into your candle holders. They have a 3/4" #1 morse  taper at the bottom. When I measured candlesticks, many years ago,  they were all shapes and sizes. This size fits the  largest variety of candlesticks. They are measured the same way regular candles are, from the very bottom to the top of the wick. So if you order an 8" insert 7" will be out the top of the holder and 1" in the holder. They come in sizes from 4" to 9" and 3 colors Clear, Gold, and Platinum. They are pictured with a candle holder but that does not come with it. They are packaged in pairs with a funnel for filling and instructions.




Large Candles with Bases

These are the latest addition to our Crystal Oil Candle line that come with their own integral bases. They are larger in diameter, The candle with drip is almost 2", giving them a stockier look. They are available in 3 sizes and 3 drip and edging colors. These hold the most oil and will burn the longest.

Candelabras & Menorah

These have been one of my favorite pieces to make. They are still challenging and give  me great satisfaction when finished. The oil candle chamberhold 2 ounces of oil each. They are available in Clear, Gold, and Platinum drips. They all use 4" wicks and come with funnel and instructions. Each Candelabra and Menorah is singed and dated. The Shamaus on the Menorah is removable for lighting the other candles.


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